2014 Arneis


REGION: Adelaide Hills

VINEYARD: Amadio Vineyard

A/VOL: 13%

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Arneis is a white grape variety that originated from the north west area of Italy known as the Piedmont. It is a crisp dry and floral varietal, which has only become popular in the last decade. It was a common practise to blend a touch of Arneis with the king of all wines, Nebbiolo. The aromatic nature of Arneis increased the texture and beauty of Nebbiolo but as the blending practise reduced so did the acreage of Arneis in the Piedmont. A few Italian producers noticed the need for a dry white wine in the market place and began championing the variety. Now a decade on and the variety is the one of the darlings of the restaurant world in Europe. Traditionally the white wines made from the Arneis grape tend to have notes of pears, apricots, and summer flowers with a hint of bitter almond on the finish. The Picked by My Wife Arneis was whole bunch pressed to a stainless steel tank and was kept on solids for 6 months before being bottled.


The wine is very clear with a slight green hue to it in the glass. The aromas burst from the glass with old school pears, like your grandma used to grow in the back garden, mixed with sage and thyme. These aromas are evident on the palate but they are joined by spring blossom, a wedge of citrus on the back end and a rich mid-palate of freshly cut apricots. The flavours seem to effortlessly meld into the next but it is the textural weight that is most intriguing. The front palate is think and glycerol before the acidity kicks in and cleans everything up. Drink until 2018.

The Vintage

Rainfall. Winter rainfall for Kersbrook was slightly below the long term average but as the vineyard is under drippers the wines had enough water to not feel too stressed.

Flowering. Flowering was underway normally, beginning in mid-November, and weather conditions were characterised by mild temperatures. The yield levels were average for the vineyard with small bunches distributed evenly across each vine.

Weather. Spring was one of the warmest on record but from early December the mild temperatures kicked in. The mild nights meant that acidity might have been an issue if we experienced a heat wave but luckily non-occurred. We picked our Arneis the 3rd of March before transporting it to the winery to be whole bunch pressed to tank.

The Vineyard

Amadio Vineyard has 124.7 hectares planted under Vines, with state of the art Irrigation “Dream System”, VSP Trellising, excellent soil and importantly, two large Dams.

Amadio Vineyards produce premium fruit, with a mix of the grape varieties that Australia is best known for and also Italian varieties that are sold to boutique, premium winemakers, such as View Road Wines.


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