2015 Arneis


REGION: Adelaide Hills

VINEYARD: Amadio Vineyard

A/VOL: 13%

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Arneis is a white grape variety that originated from the North West area of Italy known as the Piedmont. It is a crisp dry and floral varietal, which has only become popular in the last decade. It was a common practise to blend a touch of Arneis with the king of all wines, Nebbiolo. The aromatic nature of Arneis increased the texture and beauty of Nebbiolo but as the blending practise reduced so did the acreage of Arneis in the Piedmont. A few Italian producers noticed the need for a dry white wine in the market place and began championing the variety. Now a decade on and the variety is the one of the darlings of the restaurant world in Europe. Traditionally the white wines made from the Arneis grape tend to have notes of pears, apricots, and summer flowers with a hint of bitter almond on the finish. The Picked by My Wife Arneis was allowed to stay in the picking bins for two days whilst foot stomping by my daughter and I was carried about before being whole bunch pressed to a stainless steel tank. The wine exhibit notes of pear, honey suckle and walnuts with a beautiful texture and zippy acidity kicks in on the finish.

Alc: 11.5%

Vineyard: Amadio Vineyards Kersbrook

2015 Adelaide Hills Vintage Conditions

Rainfall. Winter rainfall for Kersbrook was well above the long term average which coincided with above average temperatures for the start of budburst.

Flowering. Flowering was underway around the average time of year and weather conditions were characterised by mild temperatures from the outset. The yields wer much higher for the area of the vineyard that we take fruit from but the tonnage for our one acre was 4 tonne.

Weather. Spring was early but while the temperatures started warm they cooled down with chilly nights. The cool nights meant that acidity was retained, the flavour development progressed well whilst the sweetness came late in the season. The Arneis was picked early march by our team of friends.